Promoting community partnerships in New Orleans to help children succeed in school and life

Seamless Transitions

seamless transitions 002Seamless Transitions is a community-based program that addresses several pressing educational and social issues in New Orleans. Its purpose is to develop lasting collaborative relationships between New Orleans’ public charter schools and childcare centers in order to ensure children’s successful transition from Pre-K to kindergarten and to increase their chances for success both throughout their school years and later in life.

Program Details

The program brings together Pre-K and kindergarten teachers, parents, and child development experts in a collaborative effort that:

  • provides joint professional development for pre-k and kindergarten teachers to build relationships and identify best practices for teaching readiness skills in all domains in both pre-k and kindergarten classes;
  • provides technical assistance to help pre-k teachers implement strategies so that basic school readiness skills (self-care and motor skills, self-regulation, social expression, and kindergarten academics) are introduced and appropriately developed prior to beginning kindergarten;
  • helps kindergarten teachers implement learning centers, a developmentally-appropriate practice in high quality early childhood educational settings, where children can learn in situations of their choosing through playful exploration, experience, and discovery;
  • assists schools and childcare centers in working with parents so that they will be more active in their child’s (a) kindergarten readiness and (b) subsequent success in school.


Research shows that the self-regulation, social and emotional skills that children possess in kindergarten are strong predictors of their academic achievement in later years. Children entering kindergarten without these basic building blocks of readiness, as well as some basic academic skills, fall victim to an achievement gap that only widens over time. It is a situation that is exacerbated for children living in poverty and one that is especially apparent in New Orleans.


Seamless Transitions succeeds because it directly addresses the readiness issue, both prior to entering school and very early in the school career. The program brings together teachers (from both childcare centers and schools)and families – the people who have the greatest influence on young children. Over the past seven years, we have initiated and implemented the Seamless Transitions Program, including the first New Orleans Diverse Delivery partnership between Langston Hughes Academy and Wilcox Academy of Early Learning.


In 2012-13 the Seamless Transitions Diverse Delivery Project, funded by IMH, facilitated the formal partnership between Andrew H. Wilson Charter School (Wilson) and McMillian’s First Steps. In 2013-14, we facilitated a partnership between Wilson and Kids Kingdom.

In addition, Diverse Delivery has became one of the cornerstones of Louisiana’s Act 3.

In 2015-16, we are facilitating a partnership between Homer Plessy Community School and Kids of Excellence Child Development Center.


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