We believe that education is an important pathway out of poverty and that high-quality early childhood education, family engagement and early social-emotional learning provide the foundation for school success.

First Teacher Louisiana Training Program

First Teacher Louisiana is a basic introductory course in Child Development and Family Child Care Program Management (day-to-day working with children and their families), developed especially for Louisiana family child care providers.

At the end of the program, a provider will have been introduced to:

  • early learning goals in the Louisiana Early Childhood Guidelines Birth to Three
  • Child Development Associate (CDA) Areas of Study

Each training unit contains the following:

  • 4 four-page newsletters, each written around a learning theme related to the overall of theme of the Unit
  • 4 parent-child activity sheets coordinated with the newsletters
  • 1 featured children’s book with follow-up activities and parent handout
  • 1 Learn-At-Home Training following one of the 8 Child Development Associate (CDA) Areas of Study.   The Learn-At-Home training includes: an article by a Child Development Associate trainer and a test for the provider to demonstrate understanding of lessons learned from the article and information in the Training Unit, as well as her own practical experience.
  • Monthly Planning Tool

Training Manual

Written by trainers who participated in the pilot, this is a step-by-step guide to using First Teacher Louisiana, broken into training units since each unit could stand alone as a workshop.

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