We believe that education is an important pathway out of poverty and that high-quality early childhood education, family engagement and early social-emotional learning provide the foundation for school success.

Garden of Learning

IMG_0516ELF is developing a plan for a “Garden of Learning” to be located behind the Rosa F. Keller Library in the Broadmoor Educational Corridor in New Orleans.

Many children under age five in New Orleans are entering public schools “unready.” Neighborhood level data* indicate a need for strengthening young children in several areas: physical health and well-being, social competence, emotional maturity, language and cognitive development, literacy skills and general knowledge.

In order to support young children and their families in the Broadmoor community, we plan to create a Garden of Learning in Broadmoor.  Inspired by the United Way’s Born Learning Trail, the Garden of Learning will serve as a core piece of the early childhood and family engagement experience for the area.

Developmentally-appropriate school readiness and early literacy activities and parent training are the overarching goals of the project. The Garden of Learning will be an outdoor space where families with young children and early childhood students in Centers can learn and have fun.

*Collected by the Orleans Public Education Network (“OPEN”) using an instrument called the Early Development Indicators (EDI)


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