Promoting community partnerships in New Orleans to help children succeed in school and life

Our Mission

To create a seamless system of early childhood development and education for under-served children and their families through community partnerships and neighborhood connectedness that leads children to success in school and life.

Our Programs

For over 30 years, the principals in Early Learning Focus have worked to bring developmentally appropriate training and materials to children’s “first teachers,” --families, caregivers, and early childhood educators-- in order to give low income/underserved children the social-emotional and cognitive tools, necessary to succeed in school and beyond.

Diverse Delivery/Seamless Transitions

Since focusing our work in the Greater New Orleans area, successful kindergarten transition has been our primary goal. Issues we identified and addressed have been: children entering kindergarten from centers unready for success; conversely, ;” kindergarten classrooms unready for children coming from high quality developmentally appropriate pre-K experiences; families unaware of how to help their children prepare for success and uncomfortable with “big school; the lack of collaboration between “little school” and “big school.”
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